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"Just a brief line to pass on my sincere thanks to you for your outstanding contribution to our Drugs Awareness Week here at Landau Forte College. Your story and the way in which you delivered it, has had a significant impact on both the students and staff who attended your presentations. It is no exaggeration to say that the students are still talking about it in the corridors and classrooms today. With my thanks and best wishes, Andy"

Dr A T Delbridge, Landau Forte College

"Kev was outstanding a few weeks back - talked to our year 10s and it was pretty impressive by all accounts. Very eloquent and certainly made the boys think."

Derby Boys Grammar School

... one from a pupil (exactly as it arrived by email) ...

"hi kevin,
im from belper school and i want to thank you for giving a great talk. i found what you add said very usefull and i will never take drugs because of the consequences that you have to face! I was really happy what you talked about and how openly you talked to us, it must of talking alot oeffot to do that. all the advice you gave all our class i shall tell my family and friends about it if they ever come in cotact with drugs but hopefully they never will!!!!
thanks again yours sav"

"We met at Mary Lloyd's 'thank you' party last evening and I came up to speak to you after your very heartwarming and inspiring presentation. In various forms I have worked with people who have had a variety of problems and have always found that there is hope for everyone, no matter how big their problem, provided that they are able to accept that there is a problem, confront it, and then have a willingness to resolve it. You did all of these and your battle has been won. I am sure that you will be an inspiration to all generations and I salute the work you have done and that which you will continue to do. It is so important to get to young people before they reach the same point as that which you reached. By that time too few have either the will or the motivation to kick the habit or they have become ensnared by the dealers and are used as pawns in their game in danger of their life. That you can share the despair felt by those who, in your own words, have ''sunk so low'', from your own experiences, is so valuable. It is these experiences that can trigger the essential desire to fight the drugs, to win the battle, and to stop others from even trying them. Your task is enormous but it is more worthwhile than is the job held by any of the Chief Executives in major corporations. Keep up your good work and your resolve to help others. Good luck."

Betty Orme, High Sherriff's Party


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