Motivational talks

The Prince's Trust

"The waiting list for drug treatment is a major problem and even when treatment becomes available, it’s usually a matter of giving you a few pills and leaving you to it. What they don’t seem to appreciate is that it’s plain, simple boredom that is the hardest thing to overcome. The Prince's Trust helped me with this, as well as building my self esteem and opening up a whole new set of possibilities.

The crucial factor was the unquestioning trust that they put in me. I was amazed that they wanted to help me, despite my terrible background. The more that they gave me, the more I wanted to achieve. My life has completely turned around now, but without their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be here at all.

Many of the people who work for the Prince’s Trust teams have the same sort of background as me. I give them talks now. I tell them what I’ve achieved as a direct result of the trust that was put in me. It’s surprising how many young people come forward to speak to me after these talks.

I’m convinced that the best way to stop drugs is to combat the boredom and I’m now working with former High Sherriff of Leicester in order to help local youngsters appreciate the destructive effects of drug abuse."

Kevin Johnston

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