Motivational talks

Kev's background

"I was as low as you can possibly get. I had spent eight months on the street and was living a dreadful existence, stealing from my family and friends to support my need for drugs. I had sunk so low that I had reached the point where all I wanted to do was to fall peacefully asleep and never wake up again. There was nowhere to go – no way out of the nightmare.

Inevitably, I finished up in prison and then, when I was released, I was put on a Drugs Testing and Treatment Order. That’s when I found out about The Prince’s Trust team course and my life started to change for the better. In effect, it was the start of a new life.

I became an Assistant Team Leader for the Princes Trust, helping to motivate teenagers and young people to believe in themselves and realise their own potential. The activities were challenging and enjoyable, including rock climbing, abseiling and bog hopping. At the end of the course I helped to organise the final presentation but most rewarding for me was that I arranged work placements for all the team members.

I was delighted to receive a personal invitation from Prince Charles to attend St James’ Palace on the occasion of the launch of the Prince’s Trust Volunteers. Finally, as a nominee of the judging panel for the Pioneers Award I enjoyed the opportunity of meeting the Queen and members of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. We discussed the work I am doing within the community."

Kevin Johnston

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